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The most popular and commonly known part of Pakua is the Matial Art called Pakua Chuan
Many Martial Arts practitioners all over the world have been exposed to this art form in one way or another.

Pakua Chuan is easily recognized, as it is primarily a circular form of walking that adapts extremely well into any fighting style.
Masters of various disciplines encourage their students to study Pakua Chuan to improve and increase on the fluidity
of movements during the aplication of fighting techniques or in combat and sparing situations.

Pakua Chuan is also known as Pakua boxing, Pakua hand movements, Pakua circular dance, etc.
and is sometimes written as Pakua Chang, Bagua Chang and in various other spellings.

Some of the movies featured below illustrate the circular walking techniques used during Pakua Chuan
as well as the hand movements that adapt into the fighting arts.

However, Pakua Chuan is but a small part of the ancient and rich Martial Art based on the Pakua Symbol.

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Pakua Chuan is offered to students of the Pakua School as well as to non-students and is taught
both through weekly classes as well as in the form of courses
that are divided in various levels.

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Pakua Chuan training Pakua Chuan training
Pakua Chuan training with partner Pakua Chuan training with partner

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